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Household hazards


Your cat's independent spirit means they're very curious. So they can get up to all kinds of mischief – especially when they're home alone. At the same time, their natural survival instincts are very strong, so they're very cautious about anything they're not familiar with. Here's a list of basic hazards to watch out for in the home:


It’s important to keep dangerous substances out of your cat’s reach, and to clean up all spills right away. And remember, there are some items which you might consider harmless, but which could hurt or even kill your inquisitive feline friend.

• Insecticides
• Fertilisers
• Household detergents
• Many plants are toxic – ask your local nursery for complete information about any plants you buy, and when in doubt keep the plants well out of your cat's reach
• Antifreeze – as little as one teaspoon can cause kidney damage

Human medicines

Human medicines are not suitable for cats, so only ever give them medicine that’s been prescribed by your vet. Many of the everyday drugs in your medicine cabinet are actually harmful to cats, including:

• Paracetamol – this common drug is poisonous to cats
• Stay-awake preparations – these can cause convulsions
• Anaesthetic sprays and gels – these can cause anaemia

Safety first

There are lots of things you can do to cat-proof your home, making sure your feline friend's natural territory is safe for them to explore.

• Make sure your cat can’t reach open windows
• Close the doors on your washing machine and tumble dryer
• Put away sharp items, such as knives or sewing kits
• Keep plastic bags out of reach
• Make sure there are no exposed electrical wires
• Consider securing breakables like porcelain and ceramics

Check out these simple ways to cat-proof your furry friend's new home...

They love to explore but they will also be cautious about new things - read on to find out how to get the balance right and give your cat some freedom to roam around.

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