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Welcome to Kat Institute of Technology. The most elite feline institution in the world. Here you'll find pioneering minds in cat technology, behaviour, psychology and nutrition. Covered head to toe in fur, they’re the coolest, most hipster cats around. The state of the art campus has facilities to cater to a cat's every physical need, so that they can focus on pushing their brains to the very limit. Not that we believe in limits.



Kittens have an incredibly rapid period of growth and development in their first few weeks of life.

Picture Purrfect

Kittens, adult cats, senior cats and super-senior cats all have different dietary requirements.


For a cat, playing isn’t just for fun, it’s a chance to fulfil natural instincts as well as learn and hone survival skills.

Ageing Fabulously

From the outside, a cat’s ageing isn’t obvious. But it’s still ageing on the inside.

Love Doctor

Cats are unique and have different nutritional requirements to humans.

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