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What’s in Whiskas cat food and how is it made?

What’s in Whiskas cat food and how is it made?

The Ingredients in Whiskas

All ingredients used by Whiskas are naturally harvested and suitable for human consumption. Nothing used is genetically modified.

Whiskas is made of raw ingredients, such as:

• Beef
• Poultry
• Pork
• Fish
• Vegetables (e.g.. carrots, peas)
• Cereals (rice, etc.),
• Offal
• Vitamins and minerals

Every flavour and recipe is thoughtfully designed to deliver the ideal mix of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and water.

Ingredients must comply with detailed specifications of nutritional quality, safety, composition, appearance, and legality. Every new ingredient is tested before use, and suppliers are regularly checked.

How we make Whiskas cat food

As obligate carnivores, cats need a diet high in protein. Therefore, ingredients like fish, poultry and beef go in both wet and dry food. These ingredients are chopped and milled.

Wet pet food is the main source of cats’ protein and water intake. The ingredients are chopped and the mixture is made into smooth chunks or pate, cooked, and mixed with cats’ favourite water-based textures, jelly and gravy. The final product is then packed in pouches, cans and tins. 

The other part of the protein ingredients is cooked and then mixed in a machine called extruder (a homogenizing /conveyor screw inside a pipe) with vegetables, cereals, vitamins, and minerals, in a high temperature and high pressure environment.

This mixture is pushed through a die plate, which makes different shapes, the kibbles. Due to the contrast in temperature and pressure, they expand and harden, acquiring the crunchy texture, and are dried to prevent microbial growth. The kibbles are then packed in bags.

The Quality Control Process

Whiskas takes this process very seriously, having created 20 control points during the whole process, such as chemical analyses, full traceability of ingredients, packaging and machine checks.

This ensures the quality is always the best.

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