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Good, tasty food for even more purrs

As cat lovers, we know that purring is the best sound you can hear. That’s why our feline chefs work hard to create delicious meals that make cats around the world rush to their bowls with purring excitement. Prepared with love and care, each dish is nutritionally balanced to help ensure your cat has everything they need to keep them purring at mealtimes, and beyond.

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Life Stages

Not only do you love your cat’s independent spirit, but you also want to give them the best possible care. Because their nutritional needs will change throughout their life the Whiskas® range offers delicious meals specially formulated to give your cat the diet they need, at the age they need it: up to 12 months old, one year plus, and over seven years.

Whiskas Kitten


Your kitten is growing every day. That’s why Whiskas® 2–12mths has the right amount of calcium and phosphorus to support growing bones and developing joints, and is packed with energy to help them pounce and jump. And don’t forget those all-important vitamins and minerals they need to keep them in tip-top health.

Whiskas Adult

1+ years

Your adult cat loves life. That’s why Whiskas 1+ gives them just the right amount of energy they need, to help them figure stay lean and sleek. And with the right balance of Whiskas wet food, they get more of the moisture they need to help keep their waterworks healthy!

Whiskas Senior

7+ Years

Your cat may be in their senior years, but they're as full of life as ever. That’s why Whiskas 7+ has been formulated to look after their vital organs, keep their eyesight healthy and help their coat stay nice and glossy!

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