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How can I tell if my cat is overweight?

How can I tell if my cat is overweight?

It’s important to monitor a cat’s bodyweight and condition to keep them in top condition and feeling fit and healthy. 

The most widely accepted and practical method that veterinary practices use to score the body condition of a cat is by using visual assessment and palpation, here’s a handy tool to help you assess your own cat at home:

The S.H.A.P.E.TM Guide (Size, Health And Physical Evaluation) is a body composition measuring system designed by WALTHAM® that asks a series of questions that help you to perform examinations ultimately leading through a flow chart to a score that corresponds to a description of the pet (as shown in diagrams).

Waltham Shape Guide

Obesity happens when cats consume more calories than are required to fulfil their daily energy requirements. The size of the cat in a healthy bodyweight condition determines how many calories it needs to consume each day.  All Whiskas products contain the number of calories per gram on the packaging to help owners feed responsibly across wet, dry and care & treat products and here’s a handy guide to help you calculate how many calories your cat needs:

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