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Picture Purrfect: What cat food makes a Purrfect diet?


What cat food makes a perfect diet?

Kittens, adult cats, senior cats and super-senior cats all have different dietary requirements. During growth as a kitten, they need different balances of nutrients to ensure healthy growth. When cats are adult they need nutrients to support healthy body maintenance and in their senior years they need nutrition that support their aging bodies. In addition, indoor cats benefit from a diet tailored to their needs as they require different energy levels to cats that have access to the outdoors. Whiskas cat food is tailored by the life-stage (age) and lifestyle of the cat. Kittens need to eat specially formulated kitten food until they are 12 months old.  Adult cats need adult food between 1-7 years before moving onto Senior food at 7+ years.

Cats enjoy variety in their diet. They enjoy the crunch of dry kibble, the texture of which also has an oral care benefit as it is abrasive on the teeth and helps to remove plaque from the tooth surface as the cat eats. Cats have evolved from hot climates and don’t naturally drink much water, therefore the moisture they consume in wet food helps keep them hydrated and can provide a benefit to their urinary tract health.  Whiskas recommends feeding a mixture of wet and dry food every day.  In the wild, cats naturally eat several small meals every day, therefore, feeding a pouch of wet food morning and night with a portion of dry food available for your cat to graze on during the day can help satisfy their natural desire to consume small meals regularly. Another great way of offering their dry food is by putting their daily ration into puzzle feeders around the house. Cats then seek their toys and are enjoying physical activity as well as being mentally stimulated enjoying the challenge of extracting the dry food from the toy.

What are the best treats for cats?

Whiskas DentaBites are a daily treat to help care for your cat's teeth and gums. Cats require 16 of the treats every day so we recommend that you reduce their main meal allocation by 10% to allow for the additional calorie consumption. This oral care treat is scientifically proven to reduce plaque and tartar. Whiskas DentaBites have the ‘Veterinary Oral Health Council’ seal of approval which is endorsed by the British veterinary Dental Association.

Cats enjoy variety in their dietIndoor cats benefit from a diet tailored to their needs as they require different energy levels to outdoor cats.

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