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Siberian Forest Cat


The stunning Siberian is loved right around the world and is considered to be the national cat of Russia. Although its recorded history is somewhat sketchy, we do know it has been pleasing cat lovers for close to 1000 years and first arrived in Australia in 2003. The Siberian is a large, strong cat, which can take up to five years tomature. They are noted for their agility and their powerful muscles give them an uncanny ability to leap great distances. The long haired coat is arguably its greatest quality and comes in a wide variety of colour variations including tabby, solid and tortoiseshell. The Siberian is an extremely intelligent and loyal animal which loves to greet its owner/s at the door on their return home. They are blessed with a triple purr and a unique chirping sound that adds to lovely qualities of this cat. Expect the unexpected when sharing your home with a Siberian – they have a fascination with water and have been known to throw toys in an empty sink, or a body of water. This breed is not yet a particularly common breed in Australia. More information about this beautiful cat are available through the breeders listed below

  • Siberian Forest Cat

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