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Cat Kneading


There’s nothing sweeter than when your cute little kitten rests on your lap and kneads your legs with their paws. It’s the equivalent of a kitten massage! Through this display of affection and contentment, your kitten is displaying a natural behaviour that goes all the way back to the day they were born.

Mother’s milk

When your kitten was tiny, they would knead their paws against their mother’s body while suckling – instinctive behaviour that makes the milk flow faster. That’s why kneading is sometimes known as “milk-treading”. By keeping up this behaviour as they get older, your kitten is showing you how safe and contented they feel.

Sharp claws

As lovely as those little massages can be, things can sometimes get a bit uncomfortable! When your kitten’s claws dig in to your thighs, try not to push them away or tell them off – their mother would never have done this, and they might feel confused. Instead, just put a thick blanket or towel across your lap before they jump on. And next time you take them to the vet, check to see if their claws need a quick trim.

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