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Cat Vaccinations


As a responsible owner, you’ll want to make sure your loveable little kitten stays happy and healthy. Vaccinations are especially important, as they’ll help protect them against diseases. Once your kitten’s had all their jabs, you'll know that they've got the best possible protection.

When to vaccinate

Your kitten will probably have their first jabs at 9 weeks, followed by a second set at 12 weeks. Some vaccines can differ, so it’s best to check the exact timings with your vet.

If you’re picking up your kitten from a breeder or rescue organisation, ask for a copy of their medical history – you may find they've already had most of these shots they need.

Staying at home

It takes up to a fortnight after vaccination for your kitten’s immunity to develop fully. During that time, make sure you keep them indoors.

Keeping track

Even though your kitten has been immunised, it’s still important that they get a booster jab every year. Keep their vaccination certificates in a safe place – if you want to leave them in a cattery when they're older, they'll need to see them.

Going abroad

If you're planning on taking your kitten out of the country, leave plenty of time for them to have the right vaccinations. Speak to your vet for more advice about travelling abroad.

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