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The outside world


Your cat is just like their big cat cousins – born explorer with a strong sense of curiosity. While many cats are content to stay inside, yours might find the lure of the world beyond the cat flap just too tempting to ignore – particularly if they're male.

If you’re uncomfortable about your cat being out and about, here are a few things you can do to manage their natural behaviour without cramping their style.

Running free

If you do let your cat explore the outside world, make sure they have collar with name tag, and bell to warn potential prey. It’s important that the collar has an elastic section – this allows your cat to slip free if the collar get caught on something.

A cat-friendly garden

If you have a garden, consider building a protective pen for your cat to roam in. It’s a good idea to use strong wooden posts and wire netting, and provide covered areas so your cat can shelter from bad weather or hot sunshine. Make it fun for your cat by including a scratching post, and levelled perches for them to climb on.

If you like to keep an eye on your cat, why not get a garden pen or train them to stay close to the house

We know you want to keep your little furry friend as safe as possible - read on to get some ways of keeping their natural instincts under control without wrapping them in cotton wool.

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