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Cats Drinking Water


In the wild, big cats generally live in forests, or on savannahs and prairies. In all these natural environments, water can be hard to find. That’s why big cats’ bodies have evolved to get most of the water they need from their prey.

Your kitten is just the same. However, they still need to drink, so it’s essential to make sure they always have a plentiful supply of fresh water.

Sensitive to taste

Your kitten’s tongue is highly sensitive to both temperature and taste. Just like their big cat cousins, they'll protect themselves by avoiding stagnant water or anything that doesn’t taste fresh. That’s why your kitten may prefer to drink from a puddle in the garden – they can taste the harmless chemicals we use to keep tap water clean!

Don’t worry if your kitten’s drinking habits seem strange – even if they're drinking from a variety of sources, they'll still be getting everything they need.

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