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Ear movement


Your kitten's ears are amazing. Each one has 30 separate muscles, allowing your kitten to move their ears through 180° – and even change their shape! By learning how to interpret your kitten’s different ear movements, you’ll be able to tell what mood they're in.

• Ears standing erect – your kitten is alert
• Ears pointing forward – your kitten is curious
• Ears twitched back and down – your kitten feels nervous or threatened, instinctively protecting their delicate ears from possible attack
• Ears held out like aircraft wings – your kitten is submissive
• Ears rotated backwards with the insides folded up – your kitten is frightened and may even be preparing to attack

Two-way communication

Not only does your kitten use their ears to communicate their mood, but they're also able to read the same movements in other cats. They'll even be able to interpret how you respond to their ear movements. So, simply by watching those cute little ear twitches, you’re actually talking to your kitten!

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